University of Victoria, 2008

Current Projects

  1. Growth of Single Crystals by Liquid Phase Electroepitaxy
    This research program focuses on the LPEE growth of GaInAs, GaInSb, and CdZnTe ternary single crystals under normal and gravity conditions. The objective is to determine optimum growth conditions for the reproducible growth of large diameter (25 mm and 50 mm) high quality bulk semiconducting crystals, leading to commercial production.

    This project has been supported by NSERC, CRC and DL Crystals Inc. of Victoria, BC.

  2. Growth of SiGe by Liquid Phase Diffusion (LPD)
    The research program focuses on the growth of SiGe single crystals by LPD with and without the application of rotating and static magnetic fields.

    The project is supported by CSA, CRC and NSERC.

  3. Growth of CdTe and CZT by the Travelling Heater Method
    This is an NSERC-CRD project with 5N Plus Inc. It focuses on single crystal growth using innovative crucible designs with and without the application of rotating magnetic fields.

    The project is supported by an NSERC, 5N Plus and CRC.

  4. Study for the Solution Growth of Single Crystals under Microgrvaity
    The objectives are to grow semiconducting single crystals under Earth and microgravity-simulated conditions (using static and rotating magnetic fields). To determine solutal and thermal diffusion coefficients in metallic liquids under suppressed gravity conditions. To carry out numerical simulations and to prepare the required background for microgravity experiments.

    The project is funded by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

  5. Aluminium Casting under Microgravity and Magnetic Fields (UVic-MICAST)
    The project is part of the European Project of MICAST which carries experiments using the Materials Science Laboratory (MSL) and MSL-CETSOL and MICAST on the International Space Station (ISS). Casting experiments will performed under magnetic fields to simulate microgravity conditions.

    The project is supported by Canadian Space Agency(CSA).