University of Victoria, 2008

Presently CGL has the following equipment and facilities:

picture of our cleanroom
  • Four three-zone furnaces (namely, LPEE-1/LPD-1, 2 LPEE-II, and LPEE-III). LPEE-II and LPEE-III furnaces can be used in magnetic fields with a temperature capability up to 1300 ° C.
  • One four-zone high temperature furnace (LPD-II) up to 1800 ° C
  • THM-I and THM-II furnaces with rotating magnetic capabilities with temperatures up to 900 ° C, which can also be put into the superconducting magnets since they were built with non-magnetizable materials.
  • With these furnaces, we can achieve temperature profiles with varying temperature gradients (up to as high as 250 ° C/cm in THM furnaces, up to 30 ° C/cm in LPEE/LPD furnaces). Thermal profiles can be moved mechanically and also electronically at various speeds, starting as low as 1 mm/day and up.
  • A crucible rotation system that can rotate growth ampoules at various frequencies
  • Two superconducting magnets; one with a field intensity up to 5 tesla and with an opening of 7.5 inches, and the other one with a field intensity up to 1.25 tesla and with an opening of 14 inches
  • Clean Room with a clean box (100 level) and two fumehoods
  • Material preparation room
  • Two thermal evaporators
  • Hall effect measurement system
  • Microscopes including one with infra-red capability