University of Victoria, 2008

Materials of interest

Potential applications:

SixGe1-x single crystals

  • As substrates lattice matched to a variety of materials including GaAs and ZnSe
  • Tunable impurity activated photodetectors
  • Solar cells with enhanced sensitivity in the UV and IR ends of the solar spectrum
  • High frequency Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors (HBTs) operating in the GHz range
  • High temperature thermoelectric material

CdxZnx-1Te (CZT) single crystals

  • For far-infrared, visible light, x-ray detectors, and gamma-ray detectors as medical imaging devices. CdZnTe radiation detectors have the advantages of a large absorbtion coefficient, compact size and room temperature operation

GaxInx-1Sb single crystals

  • Thermal energy conversion, solar and infrared radiation conversion, security detection, photovoltaic devices

InxGax-1As single crystals

  • GaInAs crystals are of interest as lattice-matched substrates for novel semiconductor devices in optoelectronics
picture of selected materials